Diego Jaén Garcia

Diego was born in León, Spain in 1995. He began playing piano at age 6 and soon chose Percussion and Timpani as a main subject at the Conservatory of León.

By the time he was 16 years old he decided to become a professional musician and started taking lessons with different percussionists across the country. He met musicians like, Emmanuel Sejourné, Philippe Spiesser, Miquel Bernat, Cesar Peris, and Xabi Alonso.

In 2013 he moved to Barcelona to start a Bachelor degree at the Conservatori del Liceu with Marc Cabero, Francisco Villaespesa and Ivan Herranz, but he would enter in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam a year after to continue his studies with the Timpanists and Percussionists of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. He finished his Bachelor in 2018 and is currently finishing his Master Degree at the same school with Nick Woud and Tomohiro Ando, Mark Braafhart, Bence Major and Richard Jansen.

Since 2014 he also received Master Classes from Timpanists all over Europe such as Marinus Komst, Maarten van der Valk, Raymond Curffs, Bart Jansen, Misi Zaszas, Guido Rückel, Gratiniano Murcia, Victor Segura and Percussionists like Herman Rieken, Guido Macggrander, Lorenzo Ferrándiz and Jaume Blai, amongst others.

Between 2014 and 2020 he entered and played with Youth Orchestras such as NJO, JONDE, GMJO and finally EUYO. He also held a trial with London Philharmonia from 2018-2020 and an academy position in NEDPHO, Amsterdam for the season 2019-2020. He has also played with other professional orchestras such as OSCYL in Spain, Antwerp Symphony in Belgium, and Het Ballet Orkest, Rotterdam Philharmonisch Orkest, Nederland Philharmonisch Orkest and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam in The Netherlands, both as a percussionist and as a timpanist.